Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Building & Fire Services have the capacity to design a fire alarm system solution to suit your project – from small refurbishments to an existing building, to large construction projects. We can provide a design which will not only provide effective and efficient protection, but also be cost effective to your overall budget.

Building & Fire Services will consult with you to ensure you get the right fire alarm system for your business. Our experienced team will provide a quality service, ensuring industry standards are met and that your business premises will be protected with the right fire alarm system for your business.

Building & Fire Services can provide:

  • Design, supply and installation of a fire alarm system designed specifically for your business
  • Addressable and conventional system
  • A choice of automatic or manual systems
  • VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
  • EWIS – Emergency Warning Intercommunication Systems

​The New Zealand Building Code acceptable solution C/AS1 classifies the types of fire alarm systems as follows:

  • Type 1 – Domestic smoke alarm system
  • Type 2 – A manual fire alarm system only, activated by manual call points
  • Type 3 – An automatic fire alarm activated by heat detectors and manual call points
  • Type 4 – An automatic fire alarm system, activated by smoke detectors and manual call points
  • Type 5 – A variation to a Type 4 that allows smoke detectors in some fire cells to sound as a local alarm only, provided that heat detectors are also installed in those fire cells
  • Type 6 – This is an automatic sprinkler system and a Type 2 alarm system
  • Type 7 – This is a combined Type 6 and Type 4 alarm system (including a Type 2 system) Sprinkler installation should comply with the requirements of a Type 6 system