Flow Tests

Building & Fire Services offers a complete flow test for various clients and services, and we are the leading fire safety flow testing company in Northland.

What is a Flow Test?

A flow test would need to be carried out if there is a new build, renovations or new subdivisions. This test determines if there are suitable water supplies available for sprinklers, risers, and hydrants.

Who Needs One?

We carry out tests for engineers who may need to include the flow test results in their reports. We also carry out tests for Project Managers, or the client themselves.

Why Building & Fire Services?

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and an AON approved Sprinkler Design and Installation company. To carry out the tests, a qualified technician will use Giddans Hydrant Flow Meter, which is certified flow test equipment.

The test is carried out by a qualified fire systems engineer, but before carrying out these tests, we need to liaise with the relevant authority, such as the council or fire and emergency, to see if they have any prior information about the area that could help us before carrying out the test.

Contact us today if you are needing a flow test or are wanting further information!