When do you need Fire Evacuation Schemes?

Have you been told you need an Evacuation Scheme for your business? Here at Building & Fire Services, we can prepare Fire Evacuation Schemes for submission to Fire & Emergency New Zealand.

Who needs one?

Wondering if your business requires an evacuation scheme? There are some situations that can pop up that may trigger the need for you to either get a new fire evacuation scheme, or potentially upgrade your existing one.

These situations could be if you run a business where you need to apply for a liquor licence, or some type of health or food licensing. Sometimes it can be a requirement of part of an early childhood education or other certain bodies. Also, generally if you are selling accommodation such as a hotel, motel, or other businesses where people sleep. Or, it could be driven from an outside party requesting that you get an evacuation scheme.

What can we do?

We can help and talk you through the whole process of how getting an evacuation scheme works, and what information you need to provide. We can also prepare and submit them on your behalf to Fire & Emergency NZ.

What do we need from you?

Some of the documentation that you would need to provide to us could be, for example, a floor plan of the site and the building, a copy of the certificate of title, any current or previous evacuation plans, if you have them. Also information about the building, the type of alarm system, or emergency lights.

If you choose us to carry out evacuation schemes on your behalf, there is a form that the building owner must sign to give approval for that scheme to be applied for on their behalf.

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