Exercising Safely in Winter

Now here is a safety tip you might not have expected from us – how to exercise safely in winter.

Surprised? Well read on!

Plenty of us get outside exercising in winter to get in shape for summer.

Whether you are running or walking in the lower light or darkness of winter, it is important you are seen through the use of reflective clothing.

Whether it is around your waist, a full vest or head torch, please make the effort to take care because you want to go home safely to your family and friends.

And for those of you who wear earphones so you can use music to help you exercise, you must pay extra attention to vehicles around you. When on particularly busy roads it is worth taking one earplug out so you can keep an ear on your surroundings

Be especially vigilant around the quietness of electric vehicles and take the time to stop at driveways and crossings as well.

If you wear glasses you sometimes have restricted peripheral vision so it's up to you have a good look around regularly to make sure that you're going to keep yourself safe and not put yourself in harm's way

Good on you for exercising and keep it up!

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